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The Basement Office

An X-Files RPG

The Basement Office - An X-Files RPG
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X-Files Role Playing Game
The truth is out there and now you're invited to help find it. Join Mulder and Scully at the height of their search for the truth and battle against the conspiracy that seeks to destory it. They will face new threats, make new allies and become closer to the secret that could save humanity.

This RPG is set in the fifth season of "The X-Files", after "Redux II" and before "The Red and The Black". Please keep this in mind as to how much is known about the mytharc by the characters in the game. However, characters from all seasons are welcome, along with original characters. Everyone will be worked into the storyline.

If you have a case for the X-Files office, please contact AD Skinner. We are encouraging players to be creative in both cases and conspiracy, taking old characters into new places. If you have any questions, please contact the mods!

Cast List
Assitant Director Walter Skinner
The Cigarette Smoking Man
Special Agent Kit Morgan
Special Agent Dana Scully
Special Agent Fox Mulder