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12 August 2008 @ 09:18 pm
Course of Action (CSM/Sarah Montgumery Interlude)  
Sarah looked up as she heard the cabin door open. A crooked smile crossed her lips as he came into view. She then began to trample through the snow. It sounded like she was stepping on styrofoam with each step she took in her brown boots. Once she got to the doorway she stomped her feet on the mat, getting excess snow off. "Well, I figured the sooner, the better," she replied, looking him in the eyes. -d

"You figured right," He stepped aside to let her in, closing the door and fastening it's three locks as soon as she was inside. "Would you like some tea?" -d 

"No but I'll take some coffee if you've got it." Sarah made her way into the small kitchen, taking a seat at one of the chairs at the table. -d

"Always," He replied, putting a Morley cigarette into his mouth and pulling a silver lighter out of his pocket. In jeans and a flannel shirt he didn't look like a man that had watched presidents die. A small price to pay for still being alive, he supposed. After the first puff, he began to make the coffee. "How are the girls?" 

Sarah fanned the smoke away from her face before replying, "they're doing fine." She glanced at the watch on her wrist. "Right about now they're having lunch at day care." -d

"I'm sure they've grown since I saw them last." He poured the boiling water into a cup of instant coffee. No fancy brews up here, that was for sure. From another pot he poured a cup of tea for himself. He carried both over to the table and sat her beverage in front of her before taking the other chair for himself. "I'm sure you know I didn't call you all the way up here to chitchat." 

"Isn't that always the case?" She replied as she nodded a thanks for the cup of coffee. Sarah brought the cup up to her lips and sipped carefully. "What am I dirtying my hands with this time?" She asked, putting the cup back down on the table. -d

"Actually, there will be no dirtying this time." A slight smile crossed his face again. "You're aware of my daugther, what she means to the Project?"  

"Ah yes, I remember." Sarah tried to hide the sour look on her face. She hated that there was another he called "daughter". But she tolerated it for the time. -d

"Six months ago Kit graduated from Quantico and she was placed in the Violent Crimes Division. When I had...left...several months ago she was still on that path. But I recieved a telegram," It was now his turn to frown. "A telegram that said she has been transfered to the X-Files Division. The problem with that is obvious, I assume?" 

"Who authorized this?" Sarah's eyes went wide, holding her hand out for the telegram. "And why wasn't I informed before hand?" -d

"That is the question I would like to have answered." He passed the telegram to Sarah, though there was no information in it that he could see other then the pronouncement that Special Agent Kit Morgan had been transfered to the X-Files division. If there had been more, the heads might have been rolling before dawn.  

"It doesn't make sense. We're trying to tear down the X Files, not add more people to it for christ sakes." Sarah quickly eyed the telegram, frustrated it gave no further information. -d

"Adding another agent is the least of our worries." He inhales deeply and exhales a cloud of bluish smoke, the lines on his face showing more now. "Agent Mulder cannot learn what Kit really is...and if they are working together, that will ultimately happen." 

"Well, how do you suggest I handle this? I will of course find out who put her there in the first place but I need to know how you would like me to get her away from Agent Mulder." She brought the cup up to her lips once more but this time emptying its contents. -d

"I don't want any harm to come to my daugther," He looked out the window at the snowy landscape, a shadow crossing over his face. Silence consumed him for a few moments as the last time had seen his daugther played out in his mind. Seeing the red dot on his chest, seconds later the pain of the bullet that was supposed to end his life. Kit's scream as she came into the apartment just moments later to find her father bleeding to death on the floor.  "Things are more complicated now, I'm afraid."  

"Aren't they always?" Sarah sighed heavily as she stood and put the empty cup in the sink. She turned around to face him again, her back against the counter. -d

"I had always tried to shelter Kit from the realities of the Project, and of what she is. I allowed her to join the FBI because I thought the training would be beneficial if she ever did have to know. But now that she knows...." He trailed off and, oddly enough, broke into a smile. "Aren't you going to ask me how I survived that assasin's bullet?"  

Sarah gave one of her famous crooked smiles as he asked. "I'm not really one to question things sir. I've just as well assumed he didn't hit the right spot." -d

"Not to kill outright, but I would've died if Kit hadn't come home for a visit just then. Perhaps it was a premonition for her to appear then." He lit another cigarette and exhaled thoughtfully. "Premonitions aren't a surprise, it's to be expected that she has a few latent abilities, but we never anticipated this." He looked to Sarah. "She healed me, Sarah. She put her hands on me and saved me. The startling part is she knew she could do it. How she ever found out she was capable of such a thing, I don't know." 

"I don't know, either." Sarah shrugged. "But at any rate, she was there and was able to save you." She uncrossed her arms and removed her oversized coat, placing it on the back of her chair before leaning back on the counter. "Back to the matter at hand though. How should I remove her from the X Files? Other than killing, I mean." -d

"Kit will be full of questions at this point, I'm sure she can't explain why she was able to save me either." He frowned again. "Mulder could offer answers. Together they could be a dangerous combination. But if you yank her off the division immediatly it will only heighten her suspicions. You'll have to precede with caution, make sure she nor Mulder learns the truth. Ultimately, we will have to turn Kit to our cause, that time will come soon enough, for now we want to prolong her innocence and Mulder's 
ignorance until the time is right."  

Sarah nodded. "I agree and I assure you it will be done." Once more she glanced down at her watch. "But for now I need to go. The girls will be getting out of day care in three hours and I have a two hour flight." -d

"I look forward to a time when I can be "Papi" again," A small but sincere smile came onto his face as he stood to escourt her to the door. "
Keep me updated." 

She smiled back. "I will, don't worry." Sarah made no move to hug him before she left. Even though they were like father and daughter they had never hugged one another. She waved good bye and headed to the car. -d

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